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The Legend Continues

A Twisted Christmas

Christmas has always been the season of joy, even during the darkest of times. While the town was distracted by the holiday festivities, Viktor Kane knew this was the best time to lure his naughty workers down to the mill’s basement.

After the basement was decorated for Christmas, the workers were lured into the chamber to see the display. One by one, they were trapped and then programmed into Viktor’s little helpers. Before they realized what was happening, it was already too late.  Viktor’s version of Christmas was more twisted than anyone could imagine.

Viktor’s Valentine, a Dark Love Story

In the 1930s, Viktor Kane had several accomplices that helped him carry out his evil acts. One of them loved Viktor, but developed a deep resentment towards him. She wanted the pain to stop and so she came up with a plan to take down his operation. 

On February 14th, 1939, she left a trail of hearts inside the hidden chamber.  At the end of the trail, she revealed herself; greeted Viktor with a kiss, and then stabbed him in the heart. She then took her own life, wanting to be free of her guilt, her body, and to be with Viktor forever. 

A St. Paddy’s Nightmare

Viktor Kane was haunted by his nightmares as he tossed and turned on Saint Patrick’s Eve.  In his sleep, he was trapped in the green-lit chamber below his mill and was surrounded by his workers.  They transformed into dark creatures and were seeking revenge.  One by one, they emerged, pulling him into the darkness.

Awaking in a cold sweat, Viktor feared his workers turning against him and so he devised a plan to punish anyone that threatened his operation.

May the 4th Corrupt You

A long time ago, in a town North of Philadelphia, there was a textile mill where many workers were tortured. Among those workers, was a dark force that corrupted the minds of the living.  Recently, this evil force has returned.

To unveil unnatural activity, the basement below the mill has been lit up in ultraviolet light and it was discovered that this evil force has been spreading again.

Force users and protectors of peace may be able to overcome this dark force.

Will the fourth be with you or will it corrupt you?

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